We feel that you are one of the best in the business. You care about serving the customer and doing the job right the first time.  Our apartments look great and any time we have a question it is answered promptly.

Nichole Jones


We just want to thank you for the way you take care of our building. Our employees have commented on how clean the restrooms are since Clutter Fix started handling our cleaning services.

Max Carver


Your cleaning company has far exceeded our expectations!  We didn’t realize that our building could look so good.  Our showroom floor always looked dull and we didn’t think anything could be done.  Your crew did a great job and the floor.

Denise Michaels


I was never able to find anything when I needed to. I just had so much stuff. Clutter Fix came out and organized my closet and garage and I was shocked. Both rooms look completely different and all my things have a place and I know where everything is. Thank you!

Kathy Enders

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